Words can make or break life.

Once Rakesh, my brother, fought with his neighbor very badly. Few days later, he realised his mistake and went to seek forgiveness. His neighbor told him to take a bag full of cottons and drop them in the middle of the road. Rakesh did exactly what his neighbor instructed and came back. Then again the neighbor said to go and collect the cottons and put them in the bag. Rakesh went to see there was not a single cotton left hence he returned back with the empty bag as all the cottons ate blown away. While returning, he realised, it’s easy to just shoot harsh words on someone but don’t forget it cannot be taken back on any circumstances.

Commonly used proverb, “Lost time, a fired bullet and spoken words cannot be retrieved”, is so well fit in our personal and professional life. We need to choose our words wisely and carefully. Dropping them is easy but retrieving them is impossible.

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