When was the last time you have sharpened your AXE?

I am currently working for a company for last 5.5 years. But haven’t received the raise, I looked for all these years. Frankly speaking, every year, I work my ass off to get the appraisal, where the result is not satisfactory.

A new member joined our team two years back. And he got noticed by my manager within a year. And got the hike, praises in just one year. No doubt, he is efficient but I have had full faith on my potential. Inferiority complex arose, being a senior and it’s expected. So I worked even harder and pushed all my boundaries. But sorry to inform I got nothing in return as usual.

One day I thought to myself let me go and find out from him how his output went up, may be he knows something more than I do.

When I asked him, he said something which touched the right cord of my heart and brain. He said, after doing every task assigned to me I take a short break to analyze and plan for my my next task. When was the last time you did that? I said oh, 5 years back.

We are human, not donkeys. We have brains no doubt but even they need rest and brush up. Past glory and education don’t count much. If you are in a company in same profile for 5 long years, that us really only 1 year of experience repeat 5 times over.

Free and feed your mind regularly!

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