What I thought would make me ‘productive’

We generally think HARD WORK is the only thing which make us, productive and efficient.

What we don’t know is, continuous hard work make your body and mind numb. Technically, it’s not possible to be creative if you are tired at your mind or out of peace.

So, here the question is, what really makes us productive? You will be surprised to know the basic, day-to-day things boost us the most than anything else.

Like:- Healthy Eating, Good Sleep, Daily Exercise and a time-off.

Here I want to prioritize the last option more. The busier you are, the more you need quite time. They say ‘the world is getting louder, but silence is still accessible’. It just take commitment to cultivate it.

Take a break to relax and rejuvenate, find the me-time, detox from social media, try fasting from news and entertainment.

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