Think Win-Win

Recently, I came across a stand up comedy, where the host was referring there is no such thing called win-win situation in life, either you win or lose. I could not agree with his point. So thought of narrating a story, which many of us know already, to prove my point.

A person died and GOD gave him a chance to choose whether he wants to go to the Hell or Heaven. He decided to see both the place before finalizing and first taken to the Hell.

He saw a big dining table there with verities of delicious food. People, in two rows are sitting with sad and pale face. When he noticed keenly he found out their hands were tied to very long spoons. Still all of them look starved and unhappy. They are trying to take food from the center of the table but were failing.

Then GOD took him to show the heaven. There he saw the same big hall with bunch of people sitting around the dining table, laughing and merrymaking. All are looking healthy and fresh. Their hands are also tied to big spoon, but they r not trying to eat on their own rather feeding each other. As they are not thinking of themselves alone, thus the result here is enjoyment and gratification.

This is nothing but a ‘win-win situation’, where wishes are fulfilled of both side. It’s not adjustment hence can’t be called as ‘Draw’. The same is true of our lives. When we serve our customers, families, our employers or employees, we automatically win.

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