Things To Remember When Someone Hurts You:-

Just think, if that’s what’s coming out of them, how much hatred is there inside. May be your sufferings, misfortune brings fulfillment to them. But it’s not your job to teach them the lesson. You can’t act the same way they r acting. Remember u r the victim here not the teacher. The situation is the lesson. Let’s time take care of everything.

It is proven that they will never ever b sorry of their deeds. If u r trying to make them feel, u r simply wasting your time. Time is powerful, it’s precious. Instead of spending it on unnecessary people, spend on yourself to heal, to move on. Set your priorities and use your time wisely. Reinvent yourself, love yourself.

It’s totally up to u, what u do with the pain, u receive, whether to continue the cycle or convert it in discovering and shaping.

Last but not the least, always keep in mind, hurting them back cannot heal u. Whatever we give out or express, we create in ourselves first. Don’t let the pain breed inside u.


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