Stop priortizing your NATIONALLY

The title of my blog won’t be pleasing for many. But here I brought to you a new concept of looking at yourself.

Our identity is way too complex to be summed up in one word. Never ask me where am I from, instead ask where am I Local. Nations are invented, but the history and culture are eternal. The food I like, the language am comfortable speaking to, the people am acquainted with, decides where actually I belong to, not the ancestral origin. Your experience signifies where you are originally from.

Let’s talk about three R here: rituals, relationships, restrictions. Ask yourself once, which rituals make you feel homely, which relationship shape your emotional experience, which restrictions allow you to live freely? Once you frame the answer, it will show you a different picture all together of who you are, where you belong to and why aren’t you belong to your so called birth place.


N.B:- The above observations may not be true in case of each and every individual.

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