Short term gain, long term pain…

Short term gain, brings to you long term pain and suffering. This is the sign of a loser who always looks for shortcuts. Here is an example to prove my point.

A bird was singing in the forest and searching for food. It saw a farmer was passing by with box full of worms. It stopped him and asked where he is taking the worms and what for? He said “I am going to market to sell these worms to get some feather.” The bird said “You give me worms, I will give you feather.” The farmer agreed and this process continued until the day the bird had left with no more feathers. Now it could not even fly to go for hunting for food. It died eventually in starvation in few days.

My point is quite clear here. There is no shortcuts in life. Many a times we look for the easier way, out of laziness or greed you can say, and call it as smart work or clever move, which turn out to be the toughest way afterwards. The key is to get to the root of the problem, not just go with the shortcuts.

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