Responsibility comes from a sense of Ownership & Belongingness

Monetary rewards are temporary. Doing right thing at the right time is more gratifying. Here illustrating a small example to validate my point.

There was a girl, working as a customer support executive in a big MNC. She chose this profession, because she likes serving the customers, solving their issues, meet new people. She was very enthusiast and dedicated towards her work.

Few days later her manager noticed she is not working properly anymore. She is not showing interest towards her work, neither she is guiding her juniors in the right way.

As the manager did not want to lose such a valuable employee, he has offered her some raise. But still the same situation continues. When he tried to analyse from her perspective, he understood she need respect, recognition, not hike. So, he made her the supervisor. Now she felt like validated, as if her hard work has been finally get noticed and she started working like before with her heart and zeal.

Whether the company is big or small, employee satisfaction is a deciding factor towards their collective growth.

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