Responsibility comes from a sense of Ownership & Belongingness

Monetary rewards are temporary. Doing right thing at the right time is more gratifying. Here illustrating a small example to validate my point. There was a girl, working as a customer support executive in a big MNC. She chose this profession, because she likes serving the customers, solving their issues, meet new people. She was […]

Influence- can be positive & negative

There were two brothers. Once is drunken and drug addict, big spoiler. The other brother is well establish business man. Once they both have been asked by a reporter, what influenced you to be like this in life. The first brother replied “My Father”. He had all the bad habits, drinking, smoking and used to […]

Do it right the first time, everytime…

The best assurance for tomorrow, is a job well done today. People forget how fast you completed the job, but the certainly remember how well it is done. Take pride of your performance. Three persons were involved in building a house. A passerby asked, “What you guys are doing here?” The first person replied “Can’t […]

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