It’s not always, strawberries and chocolates with us!

We often come across nice taglines, of products or applications or websites which they use for branding.

One of the happy and catchy statements I come across is “Manage everything in one place.” Being nice is cool. Everyone likes it, but don’t you think, it becomes BORING at times, when everyone and everything around you is nice.

Sometimes we should call out the pain in order to paint a perfect future. The best example, here I would say, a tagline of an online banking industry. It is like “Take the fear out of checking your account balance.” They could have mentioned something nicer like “Stay on top of your finance”, but they chose the other way around.

Don’t you think it’s more compelling and believable than the nicer version? Why? Coz it stirs up a distasteful emotion.

Give it a thought. Choose to be different, it automatically draws everyone’s attention.

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