Influence- can be positive & negative

There were two brothers. Once is drunken and drug addict, big spoiler. The other brother is well establish business man. Once they both have been asked by a reporter, what influenced you to be like this in life.

The first brother replied “My Father”. He had all the bad habits, drinking, smoking and used to beat our mother. Who do you think I will get inspired from if I have such person in my family.

The second brother replied “My Father”. MY father was a terrible person, he used to torture us badly and this made me to decide I will never ever be like him. I will earn good money and will take care of my family and will gain respect in the society.

What do we learn from this story? We can get influenced by the same person, same situation, same circumstances, either negatively or positively. It all depends on our way of looking at it.

Adapt good, do good. Make a habit of looking at the situation positively at the very first time. (Same rule applies to our personal as well as professional life.)

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