Humanize your Leadership Role

Inspirational leaders understand personal hardship. A true leader leads with empathy and that’s how gain employee’s loyalty. Here presenting a great story.

A new employee asked for her appointment to be terminated just after a month. Her manager felt very bad and called to his cabin to have a chat. He does not like his teammates quitting hence wants to know the reason behind it. When walked in, she was extremely sad.

“What’s the problem, did we upset you?” The boss asked. She replied ” The doctor said my son has only few month to live. He’s been battling cancer for last four years. I picked up this job to get financial support for his treatment. Now I decided to quit and spend the time with him.”

Isn’t it too emotional to see a mother going through a lot.

The boss offered her to work from home while she spend time with her son. But she insisted she wants to leave. So they kept her position and told she can join whenever she is ready. Also gave here some monetary support.

She was just one month old employee. But the care his leader showed to her touched my heart and made me to share this story with you all.

It leads me to ask is your leader personal or is he “hands-off” “professional only” about your personal life? Can leaders be both without blurring the line of friendship and employee-boss relationship?

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