Having Low Judgmental Skill

Somebody could be highly intelligent but may have poor judgement. Presenting a story of a father son duo to elaborate the importance of Judgmental Behavior.

A person had street food stall. He was illiterate but his sales never went down or affected due to his illiteracy.

When his business was at its peak stage, his newly graduated son joined him. But suddenly their business started going down, which was highly unexpected.

Later on when the person started analyzing, found him relying to his son’s views on recessions. He believed him completely coz he was literate. By listening to his son, he cut down his investment straight away, what he used put on his business. Due to that, the production reduced so as the customer rate. Without giving it a second thought or using his years of experience, he blindly trusted his son, who was new to the business. Initially he thought his son warned him about the recession ahead of time, so he could bear lesser loss. But he was absolutely wrong.

Sometimes only intelligence does not help you to maintain the steadiness. It’s all about the judgmental attitude, your foresightness, your perception.

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