Chase Balance:-

This is the most recent learning of my life and I want to come straight to the point & speak my heart out. You can consider it as a regular informative post.

Every personality trait has a flipside to it, specially the powerful ones, which you consider as a gift can harm you at times.

Like I am very determined. I always have a warrior attitude at my work sphere, where I constantly strive for magnificence. But if you look at it carefully it’s like nothing less than a double edged sword. Too much of determination can cause you self doubt.

It often strikes in my mind whether I am in the right path. Am I ever gonna achieve what am endeavoring for? It’s not bad to have such energy, but one should know how to channalelize it into the workspace.

Its very important to learn “how to allow the fire in you to sear without burning you out”.


*Live a balance life, remember your mind need break.

**Have mission outside your career- may it be relationship, family time, hobbies what so ever.

***Most importantly understand that “pride of achievement and burst of self doubt are cyclic in nature”. You will come across them once in a while but neither should change your perspective about life.

Stay unshaken but cheerful!!!

Have a great week ahead!!!

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