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Why Kindness in Business is no longer Optional?

Kindness was not widely regarded as a matter for serious business people. In today’s world of work, kindness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Now organizations are increasingly being judged on their actual behavior. Those who are passing the test, enjoying significant customers and employees’ loyalty. Others are getting hard hit. If you think […]

Responsibility comes from a sense of Ownership & Belongingness

Monetary rewards are temporary. Doing right thing at the right time is more gratifying. Here illustrating a small example to validate my point. There was a girl, working as a customer support executive in a big MNC. She chose this profession, because she likes serving the customers, solving their issues, meet new people. She was […]

Influence- can be positive & negative

There were two brothers. Once is drunken and drug addict, big spoiler. The other brother is well establish business man. Once they both have been asked by a reporter, what influenced you to be like this in life. The first brother replied “My Father”. He had all the bad habits, drinking, smoking and used to […]

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