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Are you bigger than your EGO?

Myth: Everyone wants direct and honest feedback. Truth: For many people it’s too embarrassing, hurts too much or is inconvenient. Recently I came across a member of my team provided our boss honest feedback about how he handled a situation. He passionately disagree with his approach and felt that he could have handled it better. […]

Few most inspiring example I’ve ever come across..

Nokia refused Android Yahoo refused Google Lessons: Take Risk, Embrace Change, If you refuse to change with time, you will be obsolated. Facebook takes over WhatsApp and Instagram Lessons: Keep, innovating, Become so powerful that your competitors become your allies. Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65. Lessons: Age is just a number. […]

Humanize your Leadership Role

Inspirational leaders understand personal hardship. A true leader leads with empathy and that’s how gain employee’s loyalty. Here presenting a great story. A new employee asked for her appointment to be terminated just after a month. Her manager felt very bad and called to his cabin to have a chat. He does not like his […]


People tend to judge others solely by what they do for a living. Also show their superior attitude unapologetically. Suppose you are jobless, the number of times you encounter with the question “What do you do?”, will definitely become irritated. While starting a conversation, instead of asking this stereotype question, we can ask “What do […]

Skill can be taught not the character.

Dear Recruiters/ HR Manager, While hiring a fresher, please keep in mind, you can train the new joiner with business ethics, technical skill, time management, communication but can’t teach them loyalty, dedication, kindness. Along with the technical requirements, also focus on their attitude, character, personality. Sometimes he/she may be technically backward, but it is their […]

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