Be an Optimist

Once a person bought a special DOG, who can run on the water too. To show this special skill, he called his friend home. He shot few ducks on the pond and ordered his dog to chase them. Whole day went, but his friend never uttered a word seeing this unusual visual. While they were returning home, he asked his friend, whether he had noticed anything unusual about his dog. His friend replied, yes indeed I noticed your dog cannot swim.

What is the message from the above story? Some people fail to see the positive in spite of it’s being obvious. They always look at the negative side. We face such people in our workplace and inside our family too. Be careful. Stay away from pessimistic thoughts and approach.

Having said that, I cannot deny the fact, looking for the positive does not mean overlooking the faults at all. Remember, positive thinkers are solution oriented by nature but they don’t agree or accept everything.

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