Are you bigger than your EGO?

Myth: Everyone wants direct and honest feedback. Truth: For many people it’s too embarrassing, hurts too much or is inconvenient.

Recently I came across a member of my team provided our boss honest feedback about how he handled a situation. He passionately disagree with his approach and felt that he could have handled it better. We all used to feel the same but never got the courage to discuss so directly. We all are afraid thinking how our boss will react.

Like we all thought his immediate reaction was to get defensive and prove him wrong. But later he realised that he got a chance to gain broader understanding and learn from this experience. He did not have the perspective which the subordinate had.

There is also an other way to look at this situation and is the most important point to be discussed here. Our boss made him so comfortable around that he put his point without being hesitant or worried.

The culture of how feedback is given and received always starts at the top. Businesses are full of core values, mission statements, company visions. Unfortunately, honest feedback is not as common as you think. The problem is in many businesses, these values, norms are only words, and are never practiced at the top level.

Feedbacks are important. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ has been communicated rather ‘how’. We should give emphasis to grow such culture in our work environment.

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